Esp8266 WiFi series of model ESP-12 ESP-12F esp12F



The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC module
„ Low power 32-bit CPU, can also serve as the application processor
„ Up to 160MHz clock speed
„ Built-in 10 bit high precision ADC
„ SMD-22 package for easy welding
„ Integrated Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA
„ Support multiple sleep patterns. Deep sleep current as low as 20uA
„ UART baud rate up to 4Mbps
„ Embedded LWIP protocol stack
„ Supports STA/AP/STA + AP operation mode
„ Support Smart Config/AirKiss technology
„ Supports remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)
„ General AT commands can be used quickly
„ Support for the two development, integration of windows, Linux development


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