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INA126 MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier


  • Low Quiescent Current: 175 μA/channel
  • Wide Supply Range: ±1.35 V to ±18 V
  •  Low Offset Voltage: 250-μV
  •  Low Offset Drift: 3-μV/°C

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The INAx126 are low power, general-purpose instrumentation amplifiers offering excellent accuracy. The
versatile two-operational-amplifier design and small size make the amplifiers ideal for a wide range of
applications. The two op amp topology reduces power consumption. A single external resistor sets any gain from
5 to 10,000. These devices operate with power supplies as low as ±1.35 V, and quiescent current of 200 μA

Application Information
The INAx126 measures small differential voltage with high common-mode voltage developed between the
noninverting and inverting input. The high input impedance make the INAx126 suitable for a wide range of
applications. The INAx126 can adjust the functionality of the output signals by setting the reference pin, giving
additional flexibility that is practical for multiple configurations.


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