Robotics Pitstop

LR44 Maxell Alkaline Button cell Battery


  • Voltage: 1.5 volts
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Replaces: G13, AG13, 357, A76, LR44, SR44, 76A, G13A, LR1154, RPX675, D76A, V13GA, PX76A, GPA76, 1128MP, 1166A and S76.
  • Compatible: Great battery for many toys, watches, digital vernier, calculators, abtronic devices, PDA’s, and many other items.

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Maxell LR44 (A76) Alkaline Manganese Button Cell are one of the most comonly used batteries all over the world, but, it can be hard to keep them around. The positive side material is made of manganese dioxide which is chemically very stable and so the battery has a long service life. Perfect for memory backup applications where long-term reliability is required.

Dimensions 20 × 10 × 0.5 cm