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MQ-2 MQ2 semiconductor flammable gas, smoke sensor gas sensor


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Wide range of detection, high sensitivity/fast response recovery/Excellent stability and long life and simple drive circuit

Applications for gas leak monitoring devices for homes and factories, suitable for detection of liquefied gases, butane, propane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen, fumes, etc. The specification

  • A.Standard working the conditions
  • B.Environmental the conditions
  • C.Sensitivity characteristics
  • D.Structural shape test circuit


symbol Parameter name Technical the conditions few
Vc Loop voltage Or less15 v AC or DC
The VH Heating voltage 5.0 VPlus or minus0.2 V AC or DC
RL The Load to hold Adjustable
RH Heating resistor 31Ω + / -3Ω Room temperature
PH Heating power consumption Or less900 mw



symbol Parameter name Technical the conditions few
Tao Operating temperature – 10° c.- 50° c.
Tas Storage temperature – 20° c.- 70.° c.
RH Relative humidity Less than95%RH
O2 Oxygen concentration Twenty one % (Standard condition)Oxygen concentration affects sensitivity characteristics The minimum value is greater than 2%



symbol Parameter name The Technical Parameters few
The Rs Sensitive body surface to hold 3 kΩ30 k -Ω(1000 PPMIsobutane) Detection concentration range100 PPM to 10000 PPMLiquefied gas and propane300 PPM to 5000 PPMButane5000 PPM to 20000 PPMMethane300 PPM to 5000 PPMHydrogen,100 PPM to 2000 PPMalcohol
Alpha.(3000/1000)Isobutane Concentration slope Or less0.6
Standard working the conditions Temperature:20° C + / -2° c.Vc: 5.0 VPlus or minus0.1 VRelative humidity:65%Plus or minus5% of the Vh: 5.0 VPlus or minus0.1 V
Preheat time Not less thanTwenty fourhour


Prefix = v ns = “urn: schemas – Microsoft – com: VML.”

MQ – 2The structure and shape of The gas sensor are to in The figure1to(structureBy miniatureAL2O3Ceramic pipe,SnO2Sensitive layer,The sensing element consisting of The measuring electrode and The heater is fixed in a cavity made of plastic or stainless steel, and The heater provides The necessary working The conditions for The gas sensor. The said The gas sensor has 6 pin – shaped pins, 4 for signal extraction and 2 for heating current.

Measuring circuit to in Figure 2.

E.Sensitivity characteristic curve

Figure3GivenMQ – 2The Sensitivity characteristics of a gas sensor.Where: temperature:20° C, relative humidity:65%Oxygen concentration:21% RL = 5 kΩThe Rs: The hold The value of The component under The company gases and marketers concentrations.RZero:The hold of The component in The clean air.

Figure 3MQ – 2The Sensitivity characteristics of gas sensors

Figure4GivenMQ – 2Temperature and humidity characteristics of gas sensorsRo: 20° C,33% RHUnder the the conditions,1000 parts per millionHydrogen, medium

Piece of hold.Rs:The company temperatures, humidity,1000 parts per millionElement to hold in hydrogen..


Sensitivity adjustment
MQ – 2The Type of gas sensor is the company Gases of the company types and concentrations have the company to hold values. Therefore, using this class
Sensitivity adjustment when type gas sensor


It is very important. We how that use1000 parts per millionHydrogen, the or1000 parts per millionButane calibration


When measuring accurately, the setting of the alarm point should consider the influence of temperature and humidity.

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