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Low Supply-Voltage Range: 1.8 V to 3.6 V • 16-Bit Timer_A With Two Capture/Compare
• Ultra-Low Power Consumption Registers
– Active Mode: 220 µA at 1 MHz, 2.2 V • Universal Serial Interface (USI) Supporting SPI
and I2C (See Table 1)
– Standby Mode: 0.5 µA
• Brownout Detector
– Off Mode (RAM Retention): 0.1 µA
• 10-Bit 200-ksps A/D Converter With Internal • Five Power-Saving Modes Reference, Sample-and-Hold, and Autoscan
• Ultra-Fast Wake-Up From Standby Mode in (See Table 1)
Less Than 1 µs
• Serial Onboard Programming,
• 16-Bit RISC Architecture, 62.5-ns Instruction No External Programming Voltage Needed, Cycle Time Programmable Code Protection by Security
• Basic Clock Module Configurations Fuse
– Internal Frequencies up to 16 MHz With • On-Chip Emulation Logic With Spy-Bi-Wire
One Calibrated Frequency Interface
– Internal Very Low Power Low-Frequency • For Family Members Details, See Table 1
(LF) Oscillator • Available in 14-Pin Plastic Small-Outline Thin
– 32-kHz Crystal Package (TSSOP) (PW), 14-Pin Plastic Dual
– External Digital Clock Source Inline Package (PDIP) (N), and 16-Pin QFN
Package (RSA)
• For Complete Module Descriptions, See the
MSP430x2xx Family User’s Guide (SLAU144)


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