MY6812 150W 24V 2750RPM DC Motor for E-Bike Bicycle



MY6812 150W 24V 2750RPM DC Motor is popular as a scooter motor or general application motor. Extremely durable and reliable. Commonly found in 24V scooters or even small kiddies carts and It’s also been a proven motor in robotics!

100% Ball Bearing construction! The belt drive has the belt sprocket fitted to an 8mm d-cut shaft, that is held together with a circlip and some type of filler glue to stop any movement of the sprocket onto the shaft. The way we remove these is to brace the back of the shaft on the motor and tap the top sprocket to break the beading of the glue, then use two screwdrivers or similar to remove the sprocket. never attempt the brace the motor on the bearings!

It is also possible to brace underneath the sprocket and tap the shaft to push the pulley off that way.


Model MY6812
Operating Power 150 W
Operating Voltage 24 V
Rated Current(A) 14.3
No-Load Current 1 A
Rated Speed(RPM) 2750
Loaded RPM 2600-3000
Rated Torque 0.56 N-m
Length of Cable 50 cm
Sprocket 9 tooth, #25 bicycle chain
Efficiency 72%
Weight (Kg) 1.4

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