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RS485 to CAN/CANOpen/CAN Module/transmission Module/serial Port/RS232/STM32/modbus for RT809F RT809H


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This module will beRS485Signal conversion toCANModule of Signal,Simple data transmission,No need to learnCANAgreement,Shorten development cycle,Reducing Development Cost.Module compatibility3.3V、5VPower Supply,Compact size,Easy to achieveRS485Bus toCANBus Conversion.In Pass-through Mode,Support256Byte transfer,Perfect supportmodbusAgreement.

a)Full supportCANBus2.0Aand2.0BStandard.

b) UseCortex M3kernelOf32positionARMprocessor,Stronger Data Processing Ability,Lower power consumption,Processor integrationCANController,Make transmission more time-saving.

c) WiderCANbaud rate,3Kpbs-1MpbsArbitrary Programmable Settings.

d) RS485Supported baud rate4800pbs-460800pbs

e) RS485Receiving and receiving indicator lamp,Data transmission is clear at a glance

f) Two methods of restoring default parameters: software and hardware,Fast connection even if parameters are forgotten.

g) Sampling points are automatically adjusted to or close toCIAvalue.

h) 14group32Bit Shielded Filter,make one’s own choice,Arbitrary setting.

i) Setup command adoptionATcommand,Simpler settings.

j) Pass-through mode,RS485Support256Byte sending;Non-through mode,500,stayRS485Low transmission rate,Not to be missedCANData on Bus,CANSend message data length0-8Bytes can be set arbitrarily.To meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.

k) RS485Interface,Docking is more convenient,Shorten your development cycle.

l) CANInterface andRS485All interfaces have surge protection circuit,Suppression of transient interference,Protect internal circuit.

m) compatible5V、3.3VPower Supply,Fast docking with your embedded system.

n) CANInterface andRS485Interfaces with optional terminal resistors.

Dimensions 20 × 10 × 0.5 cm


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